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Raw Canvas

Raw Canvas is part of Tate Modern’s Education Department. It’s a group meant for young people by young people, and it mainly organises art-related events.

April 2010: we are currently working to bring you Tate Modern’s very first offsite project: Twenty For Harper Road. We took over an ex travel agents and will run an eclectic mix of all things creative in collaboration with many other artists and collectives. More updates on the Harper Road project soon! The first of them here.

November 2009 – ongoing: we have been undergoing a phase of research and development. In particular we have rediscussed our vision and mission and come up with our own manifesto and with a development strategy making operational suggestions on how our objectives can be achieved. With all the changes coming to Tate Modern (did you know about its tenth birthday? And the plan for the new building?), we feel really proud that we too felt the need to grow and, hopefully, evolve into something new and exciting!

June 2009: we are currently working on our We Are All Experts series running every other Friday at 5pm in the gallery. We have invited our ‘own’ experts to tell us about the artwork to spark a discussion and create our own art history. On Friday 19th one of our experts was my good friend poet Miriam Nash who gracefully guided us through creating a list poem about Miroslaw Balka’s 480x10x10. You can also read my blog post relating the Friday July 3rd event, where another good friend of mine, Nuara Choudhury, made an appearance.

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