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  • Months Later Reviews:  reviews of art shows and events… with hindsight.
  • Tate Modern/Raw Canvas: events and more for young people by young people. See what I am helping with.
  • a-n/Interface: a resource for critical writing on contemporary art. See how I am involved.
  • The Muse: LSE Student Union’s creative writing magazine. From my undergraduate days, but still a favourite.
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  1. Alex Falcão permalink
    November 11, 2009 12:54

    Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog and congratulations for your work. If you like photography, please visit my work at Flickr:

    Not only Vigeland but most pics taken in Oslo! If I can help with something, please let me know!

    Hugs! Alex Falcao – Brazilian in Oslo, Norway!

  2. September 6, 2010 19:55

    Hey Ele, Come vaaaaaaaaaaa??!?! Mi ricordi? Ho visto che non sei piu al facebook, forse una delle megliore scelte qc puo far! Encontre una carta tuya del 2005 y me preguntaba si aun se te escribe a la direccion de Cordenons. Bueno, alli mi dici, baci!


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