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Curators in the Limelight

September 1, 2010

Today is #AskaCurator day on Twitter and I have been having fun learning more from curators of all the participating institutions and asking a couple of questions myself. As Culture24 point out in this newsbite, #AskaCurator day is a chance for museums to engage with people beyond the mere social media marketing strategies. It prompted me to think of how curators, at least in my sterotype, dwell “behind the scenes”, are the minds behind the shows but never on stage themselves. I know some organisations (Tate and InIVA spring to mind) consider their Education and Learning staff as curators too, but I wonder whether it is true that curators need #AskaCurator days to engage with the public. If so, where do they get the drive, what inspires them on their job? Is the satisfaction of the researcher enough? Do they miss actually seeing the moment of the spark in people’s imagination when all the hard work they have put into producing great exhibitions bears fruit? As my involvement with galleries is mainly within education, I know how important it is to me that I can see what other people get out of my work. Is it like this with all curators and how do those who don’t deal with the public directly feel about this? Is #AskaCurator helping in this sense?

Instead of wondering, I may as well ask some curators while I still have time! ;)


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