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Cally Road sound map

April 27, 2010

Yesterday I discovered this beautiful sound map of Caledonian Road narrated by Alan Dein.

As a Cally dweller I’m happy to see all those characteristics that make me love the area so well portrayed. Caledonian Road’s aliveness and its variety. Its divides and its contradictions and the love for it shared by all those living on it. The feeling that I get when I walk along it that I’m not in London at all but in some other place, some other time. Perhaps in a Mediterranean market town, all wide streets and square houses and protruding shop fronts.

But this sound map was a special treat because I discovered so many other things I didn’t know about the Cally Road. That where Cally Pool is there used to be a beautiful building with public baths, active during the war as well, when the hot water was rationed. That when the Channel Tunnel was being built there was an initial intention to dig up the road for an extended period of time but that the campaigning efforts of the Cally Rail Group eventually succeeded in avoiding that, much to the relief of local businesses.

When you have some time, do listen to this sound map, all or in snippets. It will make you understand why I and my friends who live on it love the Cally Road so wholeheartedly, despite having moved here a relatively short while ago – long enough, though, to be here when Cally Nails was not yet “ALLY AI”!

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  1. Chio permalink
    April 28, 2010 09:18

    The sound map is a real treasure and your blog entry as well. Cally Rd is a special place, a “I-hadn’t-noticed-my-own-eccentricity” kind of place.

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