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Boarded Up! is on its way

March 31, 2010

Only two days to Boarded Up!, the opening night for the Twenty for Harper Road project. How exciting! Click here for the Facebook event page to let us know that you are coming.

In the meantime, I am busy making sure that everything is prepared for the evening! Here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been…

… creating a calendar of Twenty for Harper Road that would work as a board game. Can you believe it has taken me longer to patch together the design than to actually create the board game? People who come to Boarded Up! and to subsequent nights will bring home this special (limited edition!) board game as a reminder of the events to come in the future. By the way I should point out that the four-page black-and-white skeleton pictured is veeery early stages, it looks much better now!

I’ve been…

… taking pictures of the Rockingham Estate to transform into a draughts board. I wonder how this is going to look like! It’s almost done, but I still have to add three rows in there as a chess board is 8×8 squares and the Rockingham Estate only has five floors! This estate sits right at the back of Harper Road and when I walked past it on my way to meetings in our space the regularity of its windows really struck me. On the other side of this road there is a court with a nice garden full of daffodils, and there are more buildings with rows of windows. They probably would have made a neater picture but there were trees in the way.

I’ve been…

… buying and testing board games! I really love scouting charity shops in search of second-hand games. This hunting trip in the charity shop down the road was incredibly fruitful! Charades and Trivial Pursuit are based on cards containing questions or clues: even the previous owners lost a couple of those, it makes no difference to the overall mechanisms of the game. Hue Knew? was… new! Still in its packaging so of course no worry there: all pieces are present.  In total they came to a whopping £5, what a find! Hue Knew? was immediately put to the test amidst great laughter – it’s a lot more fun than you’d expect it to be.

I’ve been…

… hosting a Murder Mystery night! Nothing better to put you in the mood for board games for good. I love how this Murder Mystery package came with its own recipes, so it combined sharing food with playing a game. Boarded Up! was born out of my interest in the way that performance artists and performative curators have looked at conviviality, and the Murder Mystery night was a good reminder of that. Except the murder was by poison… not sure what that says about conviviality.

I’ve been…

graduating! No wait, I didn’t do that in preparation of Boarded Up!, admittedly, but it’s something that happened recently too!

So as you can see I have been very excited about Boarded Up! and working hard for Twenty for Harper Road in general – I hope you’ll be able to come and judge whether my efforts were worth it!


Boarded Up! will take place on Friday April 2nd from 6pm onwards at 24 Harper Road, London, SE1 6AD. Boarded Up! is the opening night of the Twenty for Harper Road project.

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