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Twenty For Harper Road

March 28, 2010

I told you to watch this space, now the biggest Raw Canvas project of the year has arrived!

We are taking over a disused travel-agents in Harper Road, Southwark, for a month starting next week. It will be a space for creativity to thrive, with a busy calendar of events running from Wednesdays to Sundays for five weeks.

The shop front

There’s plenty to choose from for all tastes: making events, drawing events, talking events, playing events, listening events, smelling events, eating events, sewing events, painting events. Having such an open canvas to work on has been great because it granted everyone to put their heart and minds in an event they really cared for, and the passion of the people involved (who are not Raw Canvassers only, but also many other young creatives who answered our call for submissions) really shows in the breadth and intensity of the programme.

It is also great for Tate Modern to experiment with having an off-site space, a shop front that people may casually peep and walk into rather than an iconic and perhaps threatening building that towers over the South Bank. Katie Schwab and Roger White, who have been working very hard at the organisational part of the project, have been redecorating the space to make it bright and lively. Look at photos of the renovation works!

The first event that I will be putting together for Twenty For Harper Road is called Boarded Up!, and it’s actually the opening evening of the project! Number 24 at Harper Road won’t in fact be boarded up anymore when we open its doors to board games fans and all guests for a relaxed and friendly evening of playing new twists on old favourites… Southwark Monopoly anyone?

Click on the Twenty For Harper Road blog to see the Boarded Up! flyer.

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