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Months Later Reviews – Christmas Special!

December 24, 2009

My most attentive readers may remember the Months Later Reviews, a project that has been sitting in the homonymous tab and in purely theoretical existence for almost six months now.

I am pleased to say that the first Months Later Review will finally be published tomorrow morning, as a Christmas treat to my readers and as a ‘launch’ for the project. I really hope to have more time to dedicate to it as 2010 unfolds.

The premise of the Months Later Reviews project is an analysis of the impact of exhibitions over a much longer period than that classically offered by reviews. By writing about an exhibition at least six months after I have seen it, I want to reflect on how art can influence us more deeply, on what we look for when we go to a museum, and of what we retain of those feelings of shock, awe, pacate interest or bored indifference that art can inspire in us.

For the first Months Later Review I picked boldly in terms of time – I saw Cézanne a Firenze in 2007. The exhibition also had an important effect on me as it motivated me more strongly to pursue a career in museum management, and featured on the personal statement for my Master’s degree application. I decided to leave these details out of the review though, even if the observations that sparked them will be the centre of my analysis. It is important for me to note, parallel to a more classically structured review, that the effect of this museum visit has been vast. Perhaps as the project progresses I will also find a way to introduce the practical consequences of museum visits to the reviews, or I will find a more apt format. In the meantime, rejoice at the sight of the first ever Months Later Review!

My Months Later Review of Cézanne a Firenze will appear here tomorrow at the time when traditionally my family opens Christmas presents, around ten. Merry Christmas and happy reading!

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