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TAGproject is green this week

July 11, 2009

TAGproject is a small digital art project that a friend of mine has started, and that I am sometimes involved with. Every week there is a theme and every day one of the contributors produces an entry on that theme. My boyfriend, Paul, is the set Saturday contributor but occasionally I give him a hand, and once the contribution came from me more than from him so now it is assumed we “share” the Saturday duties. This week’s contribution, on the theme “Always remember to eat your greens”, was perhaps the one in which we collaborated most as equals. It was actually great fun to create it. Tell us what you think of the result!

It is very interesting to see the breadth of contributions this week. Perhaps because last week’s theme was “Memory Lane”, but many chose to build on childhood memories and on personal histories for their piece.

TAGproject is definitely more recrational than groundbreaking in nature, but it is still very interesting to be involved in it as it provides an opportunity to reflect on various things. First of all, having seven different contributions about the same theme brings about a variety of interpretations. It is always exciting to discover which slant the other contributors have given to their work, especially because most of the themes are idioms or proverbs, those ‘dead metaphors’ that we hardly think about before using them.

Another intersting TAGproject feature is that you have only a week (and for the Monday or Tuesday people, it’s closer to two-three days) to think about a theme. Often you get only a couple of passable ideas and decide to go with the second one. I may be twisting the original point of TAGproject here, but what this feels to me is a bit like an exercise in art-making. It doesn’t really matter if the end product is not perfect, what counts is to have made the effort, week after week, like many books on how to tackle creative blocks advise. Keep creating, and you jeep your creativity alive. In this aspect, TAGproject reminds me of my Collective Industrial Writing experience, but I realise I have not written anything about it yet, so I will come back to this later.

And for me, it has also been interesting to work in collaboration on a single end product. Paul and I have of course worked together on things before, but having the experience of previous weeks to compare the current one with brings out the whole spectrum of ways that we have to collaborate with one another. I wonder what that depends on, if on the theme, or on who had the idea, or on who has other things in mind. Or even, actually, on who of the two is more of an ‘artist’. This thought struck me just now but it connects to another theme I have in mind, that of what makes an artist. I suspect I’ll soon post about that.

TAGproject is a simple idea and a simple project, but I am grateful to it for the many little things it has shown me about creativity and collaboration.

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